About Me

Hi there! My name is Bryan and I love creating real life recipes for video game food. Currently I write the blog  you’re reading right now! What a coincidence!

​Although the dishes I create are inspired by food items found in video games, this blog isn’t just for gaming fans, I have a strong dedication to culinary education as well. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years in pastry and soux chef capacities and have a degree in culinary arts. In that time I’ve trained many new cooks and in doing so realized my passion was to teach. Three years ago I decided to start a recipe blog to help bring my knowledge and practical experience to kitchen newcomers everywhere. My dream is to author cookbooks some day.

​So why video games then? 

​I’ve been an avid Nintendo fan ever since Kindergarten when my Dad brought home an SNES one day. Not only are the worlds in video games colorful and imaginative, but there is a strong sense of nostalgia tied to them as well. I remember day dreaming about making the things I found in these games in real life; like a cool weapon, an outfit, or in many instances, the food items. One game in particular, EarthBound, had a food item called the “peanut cheese bar” that stuck with me throughout the years until one day I just had to sit down and figure out a way to make it for myself! And so began my journey into the world of “fiction foods.”

​I never cooked a lot as a kid and my parents didn’t spend too much time in the kitchen either so when it came time to go off to college and fend for myself, I really had no idea where to start when it came to food. I was a chemistry major at the time so I could probably explain what the Maillard reaction was, but heck if I could produce it for myself haha. Junior year I ended up living in a dorm with a kitchen so in order to one day have any hope of using it, I decided to start watching some cooking shows on TV, specifically Good Eats.

​Good Eats was a very influential show for me (if you haven’t seen it, think Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Emeril.) The host, Alton Brown, presents the show’s content in such a way that delves into the chemical and physical changes actually occurring within the food as it’s being made. As you can imagine, this really appealed to me as a chemistry undergrad and I was totally hooked. Making food no longer seemed foreign to me because the information was packaged with something I DID know. This is the same kind of accessibility I strive for with my recipe blog: combining the relative unknown of the kitchen with the familiarity and nostalgia of the video games we grew up with.

Join me in my quest to level up as I attempt to bring the bizarre and imaginative world of video game food from pixel to plate!