MOTHER 3 – Hot Dog Sushi: The Edible Chimera

It’s no overstatement to say that I’m a huge EarthBound fan; and in turn, a fan of the entire MOTHER series. Indeed, it was the bizarre foods from these games that originally inspired the blog itself! 

Right now, hundreds of EarthBound fans from across the country are meeting up in a small Tucson hotel for the second Camp Fangamer convention; except for me that is :c …. Not one to take an unaccommodating work schedule sitting down, I wanted to put out another recipe from MOTHER 3, in honor of this year’s camp theme. 

This one’s for you, guys. I miss you all!

Screenshot from the Mother 3 game series of New Pork City and all of its sophisticated goods.

Mother 3 is a game with a lot of chimeras. Most of these mixed up amalgams come in the form of enemies you’ll find along the way; like a snake with a chicken’s head, or a half-kangaroo, half-hammerhead shark monster (cue the “What has science done!?” memes).

Marketed as a ‘sophisticated good’ in New Pork City, the Hot Dog Sushi is merely a type of culinary chimera which I promise won’t inspire nearly as many nightmares as the abominations above.

A screenshot from the Mother 3 game series of the Hot Dog Sushi pixel sprite item at a New Pork City food cart.

This recipe is everything I love about writing this blog: weird food, coupled with a vague in-game sprite and description, really gives me the creative freedom to have fun exploring different ideas. The fact that they came out SUPER TASTY only adds to the satisfaction, so I certainly hope you can give them a shot sometime. :]

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MOTHER 3 – Strawberry Tofu

Hey, guys! I wanted to have this recipe come out on Valentine’s Day, but man if this recipe didn’t give me some trouble in R&D. My apologies for the slight delay. This one’s been on my list for a while, and I’m actually pretty proud with how it turned out, all things considered!

Strawberry tofu is one of the few items that has seen representation in all three MOTHER games (if you missed it in EarthBound, it’s because it was localized into Trout Yogurt for the English speaking audience). This particular recipe is based on the Mother 3 version, as it’s described as a “stylish dessert” rather than the MOTHER version that looks like someone cut whole strawberries in half (hulls intact!) and shoved it in a tofu mold:

A pixel sprite of Strawberry Tofu from the Earthbound and Mother 3 game series.


Another note that’s somewhat Valentine’s day related is that in MOTHER, there is a doctor who is very curious about Strawberry Tofu and will reward the player with “Words of Love” if he is brought some. Then again, if you give the dessert to one of his assistants the player receives “Swear Words.” Neither of these items do anything useful in battle, they’re just a fun little diversion. Haha.

But hey, I learned a lot about tofu, and tofu making, as I worked through this recipe so click ‘Continue Reading’ to check it out and give it a try!

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EarthBound – Brain Food Lunch

This entry is based on what’s known as ‘Dal Bhat;’ an extremely oft eaten meal in eastern mountainous regions such as Nepal and Tibet. Generally speaking, the dish consists of Dal (lentil soup) and Bhat (boiled rice) and is commonly served with sides such as fresh vegetables and curry, among others. Even though the ‘lunch’ has many different components, each individual recipe can be just as tasty on its own.

Almost as if in a dream, I found myself above the clouds in the mountaintop kingdom of Dalaam. Few westerners had ever had the privilege to walk amongst the rocky spires and thatch huts of this mysterious land, and fewer still had recorded their experiences in writing. Indeed it was a trial to pull my attention away from the infinite sky to collect my thoughts. Outside of the glistening golden palace at the summit, the people of this region live quite humbly. And it would seem with simple lives comes simple foods as exemplified by the bowls of rice gruel that sustain many of the villagers day in and day out. However, if you desire to indulge your body and mind with a more opulent culinary offering, the legendary Brain Food Lunch is the meal you seek. The combination of seemingly ordinary ingredients is so masterfully crafted that only a few bites will leave you physically rejuvenated and with a sharpness of mind that’s almost uncanny.

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EarthBound – Trout Yogurt

With the hotly anticipated release of his Gourmet Yogurt Machine, Apple Kid Industries is quickly becoming a household name all across Eagleland. Now adults, children, and even young women can enjoy the convenience of fresh, and delicious, yogurt made at the push of a button. Although flavors such as vanilla and strawberry are quite common, certain palates yearn for the refinement of taste that can only be found among the haute cuisine elite. Often called the caviar of yogurts: Trout Yogurt is the fashionable treat taking the culinary world by storm. If you haven’t invested in a yogurt dispenser of your own yet, don’t worry. The recipe to follow will have you enjoying that big city taste in no time!

Interestingly enough, some of the most iconically bizarre foods in EarthBound came from the creative minds of the American localizers, as opposed to Mr. Itoi himself. In Mother 3, this item would have been ‘Strawberry Tofu;’ and although I definitely plan on making that as well, Trout Yogurt is what I grew up on so let’s give it a whirl!

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MOTHER 3 – Pork Chips

Of all the “improvements” the Pork Army has brought to Tazmilly, this new fast-food trend is amongst the most questionable. Sugar drinks, giant cheeseburgers, and an array of pig-based “achem” cuisine can be found in almost every shop and vending machine in the area. I even heard that this particular Pork Chips snack is standard issue for those in service of King P! Why anyone would want to recreate this greasy junk food in their own kitchen is beyond me, but the recipe on the back of the bag is as follows…

This one started as a self-described “un-suggestion,” but I like a challenge so I thought I’d give it a try!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think ‘pork chips’ is prosciutto chips. These are simply thinly sliced pieces of prosciutto, baked in an oven until crispy. Although they’re very tasty, in my mind prosciutto is a little too refined for our bumbling pork trooper friends.

It turns out that in the original Japanese, this item is called pork “cutlet” chips; or, more specifically: Tonkatsu chips. Tonkatsu is a popular Japanese dish comprised of breaded, pan-fried pork loin, and it’s where this recipe begins.

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EarthBound – Pasta di Summers

Hey everyone, it’s been a while, but I’m finally moved and settled into my new place! The kitchen is awesome, so I’m looking forward to getting out recipes on a more regular schedule. Anyway, here’s one that I’ve had done for a while but haven’t had the chance to put up yet. Bon appétit!

Arriving on the strip in Summers can certainly be overwhelming to the unseasoned traveler. With so many five-star amenities, it is often difficult to decide what to do and where to go! If, however, you manage to pull yourself away from the glistening beaches and lavish department store, no vacation would be complete without reserving a table at the world renown: Restaurant Summers.

Although the menu is full of exotic entrees, the Pasta di Summers is a dish that’s been passed down since the rule of King Summers III in the 16th century, and certainly not one to be missed! It was an honor to be invited into the kitchen at such an elegant establishment to get a closer look at this edible piece of history.

If you’d like to give it a try in your own home, click ‘Continue Reading,’ below, and you can follow the recipe.

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EarthBound – Peanut Cheese Bar

It’s not an exaggeration to say I’ve wanted to make these things since I was 10 years old. After trying them with mild cheddar (eh) Velveeta (yuck) and cream cheese (not cheesy enough) I settled on a mix of cottage and farmer’s cheese to get the right sweetness without sacrificing the funk. I hope you give them a shot!

A more curious foodstuff than the Peanut Cheese Bar is seldom happened upon by the average traveler. Indeed a taste of this local delicacy requires a trek through underground caverns and and behind raging waterfalls; but for those adventurers who make the journey, the quirky denizens of this valley village show a hospitality unparalleled.

Among the herbs, beetles, and the not-so-enticing postcards available in the shops, the Peanut Cheese Bar is a standout of culinary ingenuity. The ingredients might seem like an unlikely match at first, but this funky treat will leave you satisfied and ready to brave the long trail back home.

With the ZOOOMing and bOInGing that seemed to punctuate every sentence, I must admit I had a difficult time understanding the “chef” when I asked about this recipe. Click ‘Continue Reading’ for an approximation to the best of my ability.

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MOTHER 3 – Walnut Cookie

A bonus MOTHER 3 recipe has appeared!

Sometimes the dedication of a well meaning friend is enough to overlook the odd flavor, burnt edges, and bits of sand you might find in a homemade cookie. My generous benefactor wasn’t very proud about his slightly unclean and not very tasty cookies, so I thought I might suggest some tips for those ambitious cookie lovers out there. First of all, if are using nuts you’ve found on the ground, be sure to wash them thoroughly! In fact certain bakeries may be willing to trade those nuts for professionally baked cookies or breads saving you the hassle. It’s been said that many bats in the area stockpile nut cookies for hibernation too (although these have a tendency to be even more unclean than the aforementioned handouts.)

If all else fails, let this very clean and quite tasty nut cookie recipe be of use.

Let it be of use.

Click ‘Continue Reading,’ below for the recipe, and happy cooking! :]

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