Bravely Second: End Layer – Angelo’s Strawberry Frasier Cake

Playing a pastry chef in a video game is pretty much my dream come true; so when I heard that Bravely Second was going to have a Pâtissier class, I rushed right out to pick it up. As one might expect, the game abounds with tasty treats and confectionery marvels!

Screenshot of Angelo Panettone with his strawberry frasier battle cake, from the Bravely Second End Layer game series.

In order to acquire the pastry chef class, you must first defeat the “asterisk holder” of said class in battle. In this case, the holder of the pâtissier asterisk is a boastful, condescending lady-killer named Angelo OVO Panettone. I could go into more detail about the in-game specific of the pâtissier glass (and I plan to in a future post), but right now I want to talk about the traveling confectioner himself; or more specifically, the cake he holds in battle.

Along with a rather lethal looking cake server, Angelo won’t be caught dead in battle without his trusty strawberry layer cake; or, “Frasier” as it’s commonly known. This week I attempt to recreate the iconic dessert as I channel my inner “Pâtissier Nonpareil!” Check out the recipe after the jump!

Screenshot of Angelo Panettone in battle with his strawberry frasier cake from the Bravely Second End Layer game series.
Totally stealing this to write on my next resume…
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