Kirby’s Dream Land – Superspicy Curry

Hello, and welcome, to the long awaited and severely procrastinated Season 2 of Lvl.1 Chef! We’re not pulling any punches today as we jump right into ta crazy spicy dish inspired by the most popular pink protagonist in all of Popstar, Kirby! I hear his new game Plate Robobot is pretty awesome, so what better way to kick off the season than with a recipe for the iconic Superspicy Curry. Although it made its debut in Kirby’s Dream Land for the original Game Boy, it’s probably more well known from its Super Smash Bros. incarnation.

A screenshot from the Super Smash Bros game series of a Level 1 Chef Mii avatar breathing fire after eating a superspicy curry food item.
a curious Lvl.1 Chef approaches and quickly regrets his decisions

I want to thank my friend, and fellow Kirby fan Derek Rose, for his help in the conceptualization of, and inspiration for, this recipe. We decided this dish should be a combination of extremely spicy Indian style curry and the more mild Japanese style curry as it’s shown in the artwork. To this end, we will begin by making a sauce from some traditional (I use this term loosely) red curry paste ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, the dish gets its super spicy kick from the inclusion of dried ‘Ghost Peppers,’ also known as Bhut Jolokia. And at over 400 times as hot as a Jalapeño, they are considered to be among the top 5 spiciest chiles in the world and definitely helps this curry live up to its namesake! It may take some searching, but I was able to find ghost peppers in the dried chili section of a large local grocery store.

Just to clarify, when I this recipe is super spicy, I mean it! Although if might not make you shoot fireballs out of your mouth*, please feel free to dial back the spice to suit your palate. I’d rather have you make something that tastes good rather than something “accurate.” Always cook responsibly and try to avoid the following scenario:

*Lvl.1 Chef is not responsible for any fireball related damages

As usual, click ‘Continue Reading’ below for the recipe and detailed procedure! Happy cooking, everyone; it’s good to be back :].

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