Neko Atsume – Parfait

Just a quick little post from me today. One of my Twitter followers requested this one, and even though it doesn’t require any cooking or baking on my part it still looked pretty fun to put together.

Like I said, this isn’t really a proper recipe, but I’ve included some materials and components needed in case you wanted to put one together for yourself. I’ve also included some cat pictures down below because who doesn’t like cat pictures? haha.

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, Cat Cora!

Screenshot of the cartoon parfait from the Neko Atsume game series, with Chef Guy Furry cat.

As always, click ‘Continue Reading,’ and happy cooking! :]

+ Neko Parfait +

All of the ingredients lined up on the table ready to build the Neko Atsume parfait from the mobile game series.

Ingredient Amount
 Vanilla Ice Cream 1/2 gallon
 Green Tea Ice Cream 1 pint
 Whipped Cream 1 canister
 Chocolate Sauce as needed
 Caramel Sauce as needed
 Strawberry Sauce as needed
 Gaufrette Cookies (wafer cookies)
 Chocolate Biscotti
 Pirouette Cookies

  • Flower Vase (or normal sized glass)
  • Large Ice Cream Scoop
  1. Make sure you wash out your flower vase (or whatever vessel you choose) before beginning.
  2. Hold the vase at an angle and drizzle the strawberry and chocolate sauces along the sides so that they run down the interior of the glass.Lining the walls of the parfait glass with strawberry and chocolate syrup for the ice cream parfait recipe from the Neko Atsume mobile game series.
  3. Now, fill it up with the vanilla ice cream. For a flower vase this size, it took about 2/3’s of a half gallon of ice cream! For smaller glasses, it’d only take about two of three scoops though.Neko Atsume Parfait with ice cream and syrups, just missing the cookies as garnish.
  4. Once the glass is filled, it’s all about garnishing the top! You can refer to the original picture at the top of the post to help you through it, if you’re concerned about accuracy; but that’s basically all there is to it!

Finished parfait recipe from the Neko Atsume mobile game series.

And now, the cat pictures. Enjoy! :3

Long haired tabby kitten approaching the tasty looking Neko Atsume Parfait with curiosity.

Long haired tabby kitten sniffing the Neko Atsume Parfait curiously.

Long haired Persian cat looking at the Neko Atsume parfait with suspicion.

Curious fluffy tabby kitten sniffing around the Neko Atsume parfait.

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